Monday, March 25, 2013

Estall Magic

Last Thursday we were invited by dynamic duo Marnix & Ally to discover a new design concept: dress your lamp. Needless to say, we were immediately charmed by the idea. With our blog we want to convey the message that everyone's life is unique and that you have to 'dress' it in your own way. Interior design is a very convenient way of expressing yourself, so what's better than a lamp that you can dress according to your mood, interior decoration, season, time of day,... 

For Wouter and Ainhoa it all began when they gazed in awe at hundreds of colorful paper lanterns, lighting up the dark sky in Vietnam. They wanted to bring this magic into people's homes and embarked on a two year design adventure. Eventually this led to the establishment of Estall and a first collection of lamps and coats.

Wouter Allaert & Ainhoa Estella

Estall's first lamp is called DL 01. The lamp is available with a pendel for hanging or a base for standing. As a nice bonus, the lamp also fits most standard light fixtures, if you already have a spot for it at home ;-).

The first collection of coats is called Journey and consist of 11 colours. All coats are made of 100% wool felt, which gives a special touch to the lighting, different for every colour. 

At the event we received a short presentation about the collection and straightaway it was clear that this brand strives for simplicity and elegance. The coats are really easy to switch, I examined it myself ;-)

Estall magic
superb location & tasty treats
Starting today you can explore the brand yourself on their website or facebook page. In my mind I'm already decorating my loft-to-be.. How do you want your lamp dressed?

Thanks again to Marnix & Ally for having us!

Naomi, x.

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