Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lets talk jeans!

The Flared look

They come in different sizes, shapes, colors and I’m quite sure everybody owns one. You wore them when you were just a little cute toddler, when you were an annoying teenager, when you were in High school trying to be all cool and sophisticated and I’m pretty sure you’ll be wearing them when you’re a granny working in the garden, nagging about ‘de jeugd van tegenwoordig’ or having tea with the girls! Let’s face it jeans are just awesome bottoms! You can go completely casual by combining them with some sneakers or finishing the look with some pumps to dress it up! 

I have always opted for the skinny jeans. When slapping on an oversized blouse (and thus covering the ‘problem zone’ being my hips and thighs) it does wonders for my figure! But recently I have been eyeing the flared one and although I hate buying and being in trend ‘the Boyfriend jeans’. Here’s some jeans inspiration! 

The Boyfriend jeans

The High Waist look

For whenever (that is IF ever) the sun shines again, the Short jeans look!

So which model is your favorite (all images and many more via Pinterest)?

Elke, x

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