Monday, March 11, 2013

Instagram Feed #4

Little ball of fur

Everybody knows that I'm a cat person and Nougat is without doubt my number one favourite! Just look at this grey fluffball, even dog-lovers (including Sabrina) melt when he works his magic on them. Evidently I asked for my earmuffs back today, what's up with that?!  
The cute lion cub on the top left is Antwerp's pride: Nestor! Get it? Pride is also used to describe a social group of lions. I'm so witty with words (a little self-complimenting never hurt anyone). Nestor is a little rascal, more pictures here.

Mug shots

From self-complimenting to selfshots, I'm certainly staying on topic. As you can see on the pictures, my mum bought a new curling iron. If only I had a personal assistant that would do my hair every morning #firstworldgirlthoughts. It baffles me every time how much volume you can create with simple curls. Volume is greatly needed when you have a disappointing amount of hair on your head..

My appearance in the Flair a couple of years ago, perfect #tbt material. So sweet that my grandmother kept the magazine for all these years.

Busy Bee

I'm an original member of the 'Les Boudains' quiz team and I'm proud of it! We've been quizzing for a couple of years now, but since 'Quiz me quick' (a Belgian tv show) the boys have taken it to the next level. With success I may add! 

Last week my mum and I attended a ladies night at Ici Paris XL in Mechelen. Label of the night was Dior; they have some really good products. I also took pictures with a proper camera, so maybe I'll whip up a post next week. 

My trip to Amsterdam with the Rihanna bus, read all about it here.

Behind the scenes of the Bird project. Curious? Be very curious! Creative mind behind this project is the lovely Sabine Peeters. Want to see her at work? From this week on, you can watch the new tv show Shoot! on VIJF, every Wednesday at 22h10.

New, newer, newest 

Everything new in my life. Joico recently renewed its products and added, among others, a dry shampoo. Finally I can start testing, my hair gets greasy way too fast I tell you! My interest was already sparked by Annebeth from the Styling Dutchman, she swears by this stuff ;-). If you ever plan on using a new hairproduct brand, one name: Joico! I've been using these products since I was a baby, they never let me down once. 

Since I was bored with my hair, I also got a new haircut. Nothing too radical, otherwise I would freak out my boyfriend I'm afraid :D.

I also bought some hand embellishments, you can never have too many nailpolishes or rings. 

Garment features

I like my fair share of prints, mostly nature related. You either are a biologist or you are not! My leopard sweater is featured here, and my flower shirt here. 
Me: Spring, why are you so cold?
'Spring': So that you can stay inside and snuggle eachother.
Me: But Spring, why do you bring snowflakes?
'Spring': So that you have a nice sight when you look out of the window.
Me: But why were you so warm and gentle last week?
It wasn't spring...

These sneaker flatforms with black scales still are my current favourite pair of shoes. Want some examples of how to style them - which isn't that hard by the way - have a look here, here and here

For (almost) daily updates: @aardbeienroomijs!

Naomi, x.

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