Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top it off with a cupcake.

Wearing: Coatigan & Bag - Riverisland / Dress - H&M / Shoes - All Stars / Scarf - Pimkie / Watch - Michael Kors / Pinup Button - Six / Sunnies - Ralph Lauren / Belt - Mulberry

Is it obvious I'm craving for some sun again? What I love about Leuven is that from the moment there is some sun, the whole park fills up with students. Love it.

I went for an all pink palet that day. Mostly I start with accessories and then I start picking out my outfit. Is that wrong? For me it isn't because I'm more of an accessory girl, so more choice and easier in my opinion. The sneakers were a present for my birthday back in January, that's the reason why they're still stainless ;-).

I'm guilty to a collection of big bags because they're just so damn easy for big amounts of crap crucial stuff. This one is my go-to-uni bag, laptop fits perfectly in it. But it's also good enough as a small weekend bag. If I would do a "what's in my bag"-post, you'll be surprised what I carry with me all day...

Ahhh yes, can't forget my little cupcake! Most of the time if I go shopping I also look for the little things. While others say to me 'what are you going to do with THAT?', I just say: 'wait and see'. Et voila, I've added a little sweet cupcake to the coatigan! 

Check out the crowd!

Have a good day!
Sabrina, x.

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