Sunday, March 31, 2013

This would be my Easter Brunch

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you will receive lots of chocolate eggs and other sweets with an additional lovely brunch or dinner. It's a way-back tradition that my mom makes a huge brunch or dinner for the family after the Easter hunt in our garden. And with huge I just mean ginormous ;-). My closest and oldest friends know how the kitchen rolls at la casa Dewitte; that are endless dishes with - in my opinion - yummy food! 

I'm hoping that in the future I can treat my mom and others to a lovely brunch as well, but maybe less big... Ok, hold on. What am I saying?!! I caught that overload cooking virus already.   

Anywhooo... I was thinking about lots of different salads and other stuff I would make and looked up some pictures from Pinterest just to give you an idea. The "recipes" next to the pictures are my own :-). Besides tasty dishes the typical pistolets and koffiekoeken have to be part of a great brunch with different cheeses, ham, salami, marmalade to make your sandwiches complete. And to be honest, you can have the following dishes for any kind of brunch or family/friends get together!

Have a look and tell me what you would like to have as an option on the buffet table ;-)!

Greek salad

This one is a MUST on my brunch and although I like the authentic salad paysanne I'm going with a twist: 

- lettuce (I prefer a soft mixed variation)
- different kinds of tomatoes (colors and size)
- cucumber 
- red onion
- scrumbled feta cheese 
- crunched bacon bits
- olive oil
- pepper and salt 
- balsamico vinegar
- fresh mint leaves

Bake some stripes of bacon until they're dark brown (but not burned!). Let them dry on a  piece of paper towel. As a finishing touch you crunch the bacon in your hands and sprinkle it on your salad. 

While the oil of your bacon is still hot in the pan, add the balsamico vinegar (be careful). Just make sure not to use all of the oil of course, we don't want a lot of greaseness, just a little will do! And sprinkle this also on your big bowl of salad. Finish off with a some olive oil, pepper and salt.

Grilled Zucchini Roll-ups

- zucchini (as much as your table needs) 
- peppers you get in a jar (that are soaked in oil) 
- chilli pepper 
- garlic
- olive oil
- oregano 
- pepper and salt 
- goat cheese

For the marinade: chop the chilli peppers as small as you can and the same goes for the garlic. Add them to a bowl with olive oil, pepper, salt, oregano and other dried herbs of your choice! Slice the zucchini in thin long slices and marinade them. 

Grill them and let them cool off for a little while. Then add the goat cheese and pieces of pepper and roll them up!

You can also put some basil in the rolls (found that on Pinterest). I would personally also add some pepper and other herbs to the goat cheese and mix it up well before adding it to the rolls. 

Pancake galore

A brunch means in Sabrina terms a mix of sweet and salty stuff on the table, so here you go :-). 

- everything you need to make pancakes (favorably little ones)
- strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple
- sugar (white/brown), maple syrup
- whipped cream

Go crazy with this if you want. Make tons of little pancakes. Slice all of the fruits you would like to have in different pieces. Present them all in different bowls next to the whipped cream, maple syrup and sugar. Nothing more to say to that I think ;-). Everyone has choice of different supplements = happy people!

An alternative is to make your pancakes salty and then you can serve it with feta cheese, tomatoes, smoked salmon, chives, goat cheese, ...

And if you're a waffle-lover, no need to hesitate then ;-)

Fruit salad

My ultimate favorite fruits are melons and watermelon and these are in my opinion also super nice to add to a big bowl of fruit salad!

- watermelon
- different melons 
- pomegranate 
- grape fruit
- oranges 
- strawberries
- bananas
- apples 
- lime juice 
- mint leaves

Most simple thing anyone can make, right? Just slice everything in different pieces. 

Once I tried to make it very pretty like the picture here (for the melon, watermelon and grape fruit) but that took a lot of my time I didn't actually had... If it's for a small group, you can have a go at it ;-).

As finishing touch I would add a little lime juice and a bunch of mint leaves, gives it a fresh taste!

Pasta salad

I'm a huge pasta-lover so a pasta salad seems appropriate for a brunch/late lunch, no? 

I would opt for several cold pasta dishes (for veggies, meatlovers, etc...).

- pesto genovese
- allumettes de bacon/prosciutto
- cherry tomatoes
- garlic
- olive oil/pepper/salt/chilli pepper powder/...

- black olives/feta cheese/red onion/pepper
- cherry tomatoes/cucumber 
- olive oil/pepper/salt/dried herbs/...

- tuna
- red onion
- corn 
- red beans
- mayo/lime juice/pepper/salt/chilli pepper/...

Ok, I seriously can go on with other ideas such as fruit-granola parfaits, grilled asparagus sprinkled with goat cheese and walnuts, frittata, quiche, muffins and sooooo much more...

Have a lovely sunday and enjoy it to the fullest!

Sabrina, x.

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