Thursday, February 27, 2014

Outfit | My favourite combination

My trusty old Pins and Needles coat - H&M top and sweater - WE trousers - Deena & Ozzy shoes - Urban Outfitters shoulder bag

Whenever I put on a sweater, I can't resist wearing a collar underneath. It just looks so marvelous together! And this way my summer tops have their purpose during winter too. Very handy when there are no new items entering your closet. I could use a little migration though. Hopefully by next month I'll be unemployed no more. The SS14 collections are killing me!
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

When is this windy weather going to end at last, by the way? Wind during shoots may be funny but not so much when I'm trying my best to reach the train station in time. Every gust makes my fitness level crumble a little more until I'm moving at the speed of an octogenarian. I'm very proud to say that I caught my train every single time though, all nausea aside.

See you laters!
Naomi, x.

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