Monday, February 10, 2014

Music Musings

From my previous Music Musings it's quite obvious that I'm a big fan of Stromae. This time I chose for Humain à l'eau. Such an upbeat song that pumps up my Monday! Hopefully no blue Monday that is. *fingers crossed*

Last Saturday was a big night for the Belgian music scene: De Mia's. And it was no surprise for me that Stromae would go for the big win. Such a big win that Alex Callier from Hooverphonic said during his speech as a semi-joke he was happy that Stromae wasn't in one of the nominations so that they had the chance to win a MIA. Stromae went home with 8 MIA's and he deserved it. Great songs, special lyrics and an awesome présence

Cheers to Monday!
Sabrina, x.

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