Sunday, February 16, 2014

Outfit | All Stars for the win

I got these All Stars 2 months ago - I think? - from the notorious website Zalando. Woaaah, what a choice they have?! So much that I went to my comfort zone and purchased some All Stars. Always a winner. With their various promotions and codes you can go berserk in their fashion heaven. Service was quick and good so Sabrina is a happy customer.

Don't pay any attention to the skate board. I'm no skate girl and my boyfriend isn't anymore but once in a while he brings up his bag of skate tricks and I love watching him doing his thing. This was first an attempt to try it as well. Mission failed so I thought it would be 'cool' to take some pictures while me standing on it. 

Everything about the outfit is quite new. The Converse All Stars were a December purchase and I'm very surprised that I kept them so clean. The burgundy version was one I gazed at for a long time. Now I can tick it off my 'All Stars color list'. The necklace was a January purchase and I'm still happy about it because I can combine it with almost everything in my wardrobe: WIN. Also the cardigan and sweater are recent buys, both from COS stores. Let me tell you something: COS has managed to convince me of colors I would never think of buying. First there was the red striped sweater which I still absolutely love and now there's the orange cardigan. Most of the time I get the feeling that when I'm wearing something orange it would make me like a Halloween pumpkin with my black hair and the other gazillion black items I have. This cardigan is a little diamond in my closet: very warm and it brightens up my day!

Sabrina, x.

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