Sunday, October 13, 2013


Time flies, especially when you're out exploring Antwerp and meeting up with friends. If there was any doubt before, now I'm 100% sure my next residence will be located in A-town. A month ago (yikes) my beloved city organized a fashion festival. We can only applaud a weekend filled with fashion and friends. Many thanks to Marnix & Ally for all of their hard work and for inviting us to the chic kick off of the festival. If you want, because what else is there to do on a Sunday evening, you can read some top-notch reports by my fellow bloggers: The Ginger Diaries, Archistas, Bags & Chocolate, Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows, Anouk meets Fashion, ...

What about my report? I decided to talk a little about two (jewellery) brands that stood out for me. Don't worry, I also included a dozen of pictures.

Blogger Closet Sale
Pinko It Girl shopping night by Belmodo
Bloggers will be bloggers; Marlies & Amélie

The first word that immediately came to mind: cool! Jewellery with an edge, or actually a lot of edges. One day Stijn Van der Auwera, the man behind stAen, decided to design a ring for his girlfriend since no ordinary one was good enough - all together now: aaaaww! A few months later his endeavours turned into a new, fresh jewellery label. He likes to experiment with original materials and classic shapes. I'm swooning over the architectural ring above, although I'm not quite sure if it would survive me and my clumsiness. 

(Pictures by stAen)
Lien Hereijgers

Another very original jewellery label with stunning collection shots. The designs in these pictures are based on nature's beauty and secrets. My favourites are the big see-through rings with colourful materials inside. Imagine a mysterious lake miles under the thick ice of Antarctica, shut off from the rest of the world for ages. What would you imagine to be inside? These dreams and fantasies were the idea behind Lien Hereijgers' first collection Vostokring. Intrigued yet? Visit her dreamworld right here

(Pictures by Lien Hereijgers)

Always keen to keep you guys inspired! ;)
Naomi, x.

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