Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wicked lipstick | New in

Like I've mentioned in my pre-London post: shopping wasn't really one of the highlights of our trip. I'm thinking of planning another trip in December or January for 'shopping only' but we'll see. Anywhoo, we arrived around 9AM in St-Pancras station and my first stop was Topshop and this lipstick is the only purchase I've made (and the only shop) what makes me quite proud of myself. Purple lipstick is popular right now so my mind thinks 'get yourself another colour please' and so I did. As you can see the lipstick looks very dark but if you put it on your lips it gives you a dark burgundy mat look which goes by the name Wicked (that name is just seriously wicked, right?). It's not so dark as I thought so that's a good thing. Loving it to bits by the way! I must say that this is my 4th lipstick from Topshop because of its quality, it lasts long on the lips and no matter what colour you choose it has an intense look. Due to having no photographer around I couldn't take decent pictures so you'll see this baby popping up somewhere in one of my outfit posts.

Sabrina, x. 

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