Saturday, June 08, 2013

Enjoy the little things.

Yes, I'm still alive but not so much kicking as exams are taking all of my energy. Naomi is currently being my blogger life-saver, lucky girl having no exams but then again a thesis... Quite sure the both of us are going to jump up and down in september if it's all overrrr.


An outfit post is out of the question ladies and gents unless you want to see me appearing on the blog for the upcoming weeks in joggings, 2 different socks (yes, somehow I always lose one of my pairs) and a plain t-shirt?! Not so fashionable at all if I may say. My hair is mostly wrapped up in a bun these days and doing so I like to add once and a while something extra.


It made me think that during this awful period I'm always super excited when it's lunch-, dinner-, shower- and bedtime. Pathetic, you think?! I see it as enjoying the little things that make your day so much better :-). With the nice weather arriving finally, enjoying my lunches and dinners outside is even better. Studying outside is totally out of the question because my discipline and concentration gets lost for sure. 


My lunches are mostly light and salads are the ideal solution for it. This time I opt for a tomato/mozarella/cucumber salad with fresh basil, chili pepper, pepper/salt, olive oil and a fresh apple juice on the side. YUM. As a snack I do like them cherries.  


For those who can go wild in the sun and do crazy, exciting stuff, enjoy!!

Sabrina, x.

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