Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cropped | Outfit

These pictures were taken in London, namely in the garden of the museum of Natural History. The boyfriend and I are not museum kind of people but this one and the Science museum next to it were really interesting. There was also a Fashion exposition at the Victoria & Albert museum so I thought by doing the other museums first I could end our museum 'tour' in style but alas there wasn't any time left to do that one. Boohoo. Highly recommended and all free entry.

Weather wise: summer has definitely come to an end but I don't really mind as I'm a winter person. Most reactions to this: whuuut? Crazy person?! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love summer with + 25° but helloooo FW13 collections: so much choice, pretty colours and damn risky for my wallet at the same time.

We've expercienced a whirlwind of crop tops this summer and I thought to continu the 'hype' with a cropped kind of sweater from H&M. First I thought about only trying it on because I was 99% sure of the fact that it would look hideous on me but then I started thinking 'hmm maybe not so bad at all?'. Despite the fact that it's cropped it actually keeps me pretty warm. The pattern made me somehow think of those colourful glass windows you see in cathedrals and old churches but this version being more modern with its stars, arrows and stripes. Last but not least my new pair of All Stars. Naomi's boyfriend owns a green pair for a while now and I fell instantly in love with them. So, yes boys can also give me some inspiration. I'll put any colour on any wishlist! 

Sabrina, x.

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