Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stars & stripes.

The past seven weeks a scarf is permanently glued to my neck. Unfortunately it's not a fashion statement but a bare necessity, since I spent the end of this 'summer' in colder regions. The latest addition to my modest scarf collection comes from a gas station. You never know where your next piece of clothing is coming from, I tell ya! I was actually drooling over this outfit from the beautiful Betty a couple days before. It must be faith or so I tell myself, soothing for my conscience.

These pictures were shot last week when Autumn was still kind to us, rain go away! I must warn you, posing for a blog is awkward. Expect a lot of goofy pictures, they make me feel more at ease. My number one pose: thumbs up! Maybe I'll make a random collage sometime, you'll feel the positivity coming your way ;).

I'm smitten with these quirky shoes. They remind me of old school hiking boots, so they speak to my inner biologist. Aren't they the perfect hybrid between fashion and biology? I love combining two realms that seem irreconcilable.

I'm actually really surprised that my first outfitpost doesn't include a single animal print! Don't get used to it.

Wearing: Scarf - gas station / Necklace - Deep Devotion / Top - H&M / Shirt - Primark / Jeans - Levis / Pumps: Van Haren.

Silly Naomi, x.

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