Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Denim dip-dye.

I'm sorry, can't help it. Crazy is my middlename.
This place brings back several high school memories. You'll maybe think that this location is a deserted place. Well I can tell you the opposite. Mechelen has been improving over the last 6 to 8 years and I must admit that the city is getting prettier every day. Behind us there's a big old building that's transformed to a big party area, namely Perron M. Most of the bigger typical fuiven or parties were/are held here. The thing I love about it is its roughness with the graffiti and everything left like it was.

It's time for some outfit-talk right now. The dip-dye shirt was given to me two weeks ago as a present. It's from Mango by the way. It feels so much more comfortable than my other shirts because of the wide sleeves and the necklace just goes perfectly with it. Score! Oh yes, again my silver shoes but this time without any glitter just shiny shiny shinyyyy. I never thought that silver would be a good color to use in my outfits, something new I've learned while trying out new stuff I guess. Because of the subtle outfit I chose to use some nude lipstick which I bought last year in Topshop, you still can purchase it. Confession: during the beginning of the summer I had a little tan and when I used the lipstick it was like I was ready for a day skiing. You know: those typical chapsticks to protect your lips that makes your lips almost white. It's was really ugly but now that my skin has gotten paler again - thank you Belgium - it was more appropriate to use.

If you have any recommendations for lipstick colors/brands, hit me with it because I'm looking for some extraordinary colours.

Sabrina, x.

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