Monday, September 16, 2013

The seaside.

While reading this I'm being a tourist in Venice, Italy. Pasta, pizza, vino, si si siiiii!

Last Thursday was the avant-première of Vermist during the Filmfestival in Ostend or how we call it 'Oostende'. I won't explain much about it since Naomi mentioned it in our previous post. You can watch the new episodes from October on VIER and I can tell you that it's really good, knowing I'm actually very picky when it comes to series and movies.Thanks Walkie Talkie for the invite!

Driving to Ostend made me think what our country has to offer. It's about 1 and a half hour drive from my home to the seaside which is pretty feasible if you want to do a daytrip in your own country. Besides the seaside we have lots of historic cities, big parks lots of nature and the best fries in THE WORLD. The only thing that's missing, are big mountains for skiing in the winter but thank god for our close neighbours, thze French. If I could choose where I would live, I'd definitely go for London or Paris. Cliché? True but those big vibrant non-sleeping cities meet my expectations and 'requirements'  but then again living in one of those cities is maybe only something I can dream of. Who knows... Dreams can come true sometimes ;-). If I can choose a city in Belgium it would be Antwerp or even maybe Ghent because in my opinion they're a tiny version of those supah cities. You've got everything you need in one place: great restaurants, thousands of bars and cafés, culture, fashion and much more. Secretly I'm dreaming of a kind of old town house or how we call it Herenhuis. Is it obvious I'm having a 'let's-keep-dreaming-of-everything-we-want' moment? Where do you want to live?!

Outfitwise there's not much to say except that I love dresses, I love sparkling shoes and I'm addicted to bags. Oops. This Marc Jacbos mini Natascha bag is in 'bag-vocabulary' my biggest lover in the world. I was saving up some money during the year and I didn't hesitate at all to buy it. It's not that big but all of my things fit perfectly in it. The leather is really smooth and the color: well.. Yeah, it's black. Surprise surprise! I would totally recommend this one and as a cross-body it's very easy to wear. The shoes were a bargain at Forever21, it was buy one, get the other one free. Naomi spent the day with me in Antwerp a while ago and each of us bought a pair. Good co-working if you ask me. Last but not least, I'm a sucker for dark colors such as the blue dress but combining it with vibrant colors is just so much more fun. 

Sabrina, x.

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