Wednesday, September 04, 2013

White x silver.

This outfit includes two new items: my white blouse from Urban Outfitters (here) and the silver shoes from Zara (here). Both very comfortable and wearable. Some of you know I'm a sucker for black because it always shows some elegance in your outfit, it hides the bad parts and maybe unconsciously because my hair has the same color?! The detailing in the white blouse convinced me immediately, especially the little black linings on the wrist and the little black buttons are adorable. When it comes to shoes I do like thinking outside of the box. When they're shiny, full of glitter or when they have a striking color it's jackpot for me and this pair of brogues meets my criteria no doubt.

It's weird to go for an outfit without any statement jewelry or delicate rings that's why I've chosen this mint green nail polish because it does somewhat get noticed. To come back to those delicate rings: I've been gazing for a little while on some lovely silver rings from Wouters & Hendrix, yes I'm making room for some silver jewelry as well! 

Sabrina, x. 

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