Monday, April 07, 2014


Going back to the roots? Enter CTRL COPY!

Marnix & Ally were so kind to invite us a couple of weeks ago to explore the world of craftmanship. Antwerp is known for its innovative concepts and CTRL COPY is one of them. 

Silk screen your own prints on textiles & paper, that's what CTRL COPY has to offer. It doesn't matter what kind of design it is. The studio gives you a chance to feel at home. If you haven't finished your design you can even do it at the studio. They will help and advise you with great pleasure and if you're having a good time there's absolutely no obligation to leave immediately, just chill out and have fun.

If you're interested in their concept make sure to visit them. They're open from Wednesday till Saturday! Visit their website to get more info on workshops and like their Facebook to get the latest news ;-)!

d'Herbouvillekaai 25
2020 Antwerpen

Sabrina, x.

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