Saturday, September 07, 2013

Let's pretend.

I'm wearing: H&M top, Thomas Sabo clover necklace, Urban Outfitters dress, Just Julia bow ring, Simple comme Bonjour heart ring, Céline bag, Collage Vintage x Krack silver sandals.

These pictures were made on probably the last full-on summer day. One last time to enjoy that sweltering heat. Hearing everyone talk about autumn gives me a claustrophobic feeling. The nights are creeping up on us, every day a little faster. Slowly temperatures are dropping and leaves are turning brown. Is is true? Is winter coming? (Don't mind me, I've started watching Game of Thrones ☺)

These sandals, I've been longing for them ever since I first saw them on the Spanish fashion blog Collage Vintage. Since she has a fun & wearable style it was no wonder I was immediately sold on the shoe collection she designed for Krack. I was bummed however about the high shipping costs (€16!). Luckily everything has a way of working out: I'm talking 30% discount on the whole collection, ka-ching! How could I resist then, THEY'RE SO SHINY! Do you like my new bling?

I must leave you now, Jon Snow is awaiting me, farewell!
Naomi, x.

P.S.: Can you guess where I was on these pictures?

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