Saturday, September 14, 2013

The wind beneath my skirt.

I'm wearing: Essentiel sweater, Swarovski bracelet, Primark maxi skirt, Urban Outfitters platform sneakers, Primark tote bag, Essentiel key chains.

This Thursday we were invited by Walkie Talkie to attend two episodes of Vermist  in avant-premiere at the film festival of Ostend. I must admit that it were the first episodes I ever saw. If I can't follow a series on television from the beginning, I usually don't follow it at all. For foreign programs that's no problem (I love you internet!) but I've missed out on a lot of really good Belgian series along the way. Luckily Sabrina dragged me along and after seeing the episodes I can only say: Without a Trace can suck it! Vermist is really easy to follow for outsiders like myself and top quality in every aspect.

Since the film festival was right next to the sea we had no other choice than to tap into our model skills (ahum). I wore my maxi skirt, while trying to hold on to that last bit of summer. Alas! I had to pair it with a warm sweater because it was freaking cold on the dike. I had a black t-shirt underneath, in case anyone was wondering..

Naomi, x.

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