Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rock the boat.

Somehow the outfit made me think about a girls-only school and uniforms. This can sound weird but I always wanted to go to a school where uniforms were required. It seemed so chic.. Now I can't imagine wearing the same thing everyday, that would be just so damn dull.

I've been challenging myself in terms of colors such as the white blouse and the silver shoes I bought recently. Another item was this red COS jumper, it caught my eye immediately. Maybe because of its unquestionable brightness, to be fairly honest normally most red items seem old and unattractive if you ask me. This one has without a doubt a magical glint. It's finely ribbed and has a relaxed fit so you can wear it with a skinny jeans or a dress/skirt. I opted for the latter. The denim dress has been hanging in my closet for such a long time because of its exaggerated cleavage that made me extremely uncomfortable. This jumper gives me the opportunity to wear it again. Happy girl here. 

Last but not least, I bought a new nail polish to add to the collection: Rock the Boat by Essie. The name is really awesome. It's light blue with a subtle shimmer which is a good addition to the denim. 

Tonight I'm off to France again, a little de-stress time but I'll be back on Monday. I'll be making pictures over there, yeaah.

Au revoir!
Sabrina, x.

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