Friday, August 30, 2013

Knee-deep in pastels.

I'm wearing: Mango cardigan / H&M top / Pandora bracelet / Simple comme bonjour heart ring / Levi's jeans / Ici Paris XL velvet quad eyeshadow.

YO. This the most ravishing and simultaneously inexpensive top I have ever encountered. Lavender, sales, H&M; need I say more? The love affair with lavender & lilac that started this year is far from over. Beautiful moments we shared together: here, here & here. I'm so freaking jealous of people with easy bleachable hair.. Look at how cool I could look! I'm so missing out, insert sad panda face. Reminds me that I need to buy some new 'crazy color' hair dye for my light tresses. At least I can dye something, keeps me calm for now *wink*. 

I decided to walk around with my Magnolia Bakery shopper that day. All those bloggers (you know who you are!) visiting NY really make me want to return, more badly that is. I must honestly say that they have the sweetest & yummiest bakery goods I've ever tasted in my life. Oh and heavy on the stomach! My mum and I had to spread our sticky purchases over two breakfasts.

How do you like the combination with yellow? I still had some random nail polish on so I just went with the yellow flow. It's actually quite the Easter outfit, one to remember.

Naomi, x.

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