Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I scream neon.

A little get-away to the countryside in la Bourgogne with family and friends, lots of food and hot hot hot weather. Check. It was short but damn good. Even though I had a couple of days of rest I'm still tired. I hear insomnia calling for a while now. 

Living comme un dieu en France goes perfectly well with a laidback outfit. I'm very picky when it comes to shorts because I'm the owner of some big thighs but this H&M high waisted ripped shorts are a-maaaazing. The neon t-shirt feels 100% casual and I've been wearing it A LOT this summer. Neon is not always an easy color to use in a wardrobe if you ask me but I do think jeans goes with everything. Besides that: everyone can see Sabrina coming from far with this screaming color ;-)! My hair got a little pampering by the way: say hello to my donut bun! It has been on my inspiration moodboard on pinterest for a while and a couple of posts ago I've mentioned it as well but I finally tried it out. It's easy to do but in my case it isn't a 1-2-3-job, it took me a 'while' to get it all right. I blame it on my clumsiness and thick thick hair. I've got some more donut bun-galore in my next post because yes I'm totally into it right now!

See ya!
Sabrina, x.

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