Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh my silver goodness!

Wauwsieee hide my wallet. Last time I showed you my pink galaxy cravings well now I've got some silver goodness for you. I'm on a rooooooll or I just have a big interest in fashion ;-)!

I've put another outfit together but this time there are some items that I've already purchased, such as the black Vero Moda pants and the white blouse from Urban Outfitters. Yesterday was a day of 'celebration' because 1. my dissertation came to an end (YAY!) and 2. my parents 29th anniversary. Because of the first reason I really wanted to get out of the house after so long and I decided to browse some shops in Antwerp, hence the white blouse for example ;-). To be quite honest, white isn't really my favorite color but this item seemed well enough for me. It has a little see-through effect which makes it romantic and sexy but still sophisticated enough, I liiike.

The silver Zara shoes are truly adorable and have the same sophisticated edge I'm going for with this outfit. Shoe-addict is one of my middle names so it's my duty to buy them (yes, duty!). As I'm always aiming for gold accessories it's good to have some silver items as well, don't you think?!

I can totally imagine myself wearing this outfit with a donut bun! It's something I wanted to try for ages and even more from the moment I saw one of my best friends doing it. It's absolutely pretty and so easy apparently: perfection!

What do you think of the outfit: too much or good enough :-)?! Honest opinions are the best!

Bye for now!
Sabrina, x.

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