Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pink galaxy cravings

Dress your life is still based on 2 girls, only 1 is blogging less than the other. I plead guilty. But that's all going to change véry soon since my thesis deadline is approaching (22nd), FINALLY. Besides that I finally have people around me that can take pictures. LOVE IT ALL. 

Okay, talking blog post again! Have you seen the FW13 collections? You're probably thinking: 'uhm... Duh?!'. Well, I've noticed a lot of pretty things that I HAVE to share with you. This season my wishlist is truely endless and with the fact that I have no money, well, that's just buggin' me big time. Hopefully with my 'saving-up'-plan I can buy some things very soon. I've compiled a little outfit below with all my current cravings. This combination gives me a little galaxy feeling and that extra touch of pink makes it all damn girly, yeaah. The vans are so adorable with the accompanied hearts, it seriously screams 'Sabrina take meeeee'.
There's still a big list with items that I'll share with you another time ;-)! Gaze oooon girls!

Do you have any specific cravings right now?! Please share it with us! 

Bye for now ;-)!
Sabrina, x.

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