Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mrs. Carter

In case you are blind and/or deaf: Queen B is coming to town! I'm so excited to see her again after what seemed like an eternity. My adoration all started with one little word: 'no'. Can you guess which song I'm talking about ;-)? My first concert ever was a Destiny's Child one, instantly hooked! I've listened to hours and hours of DC, learned all the steps and lyrics and performed the hell out of my bedroom. I also still remember hearing Crazy in love for the first time and I literally stared at my TV screen with my mouth wide open, those blasting trumpets! Needless to say that it's my all-time favourite song. 

Let's talk clothing now. I used the colour scheme of the Mrs. Carter commercial (how cool was that btw?!). Gold, blue, and red is a winning combo! I tried to look for some royal items, there's a lot of choice in the accessories department these days. The outfits I created are not really that practical to attend a concert, but hey that's fashion for ya. I'll just rely on my trustworthy red all stars, blue pants, and gold T-shirt. For all the diehards out there, this is the way to go:

Mrs Carter 1

Mrs Carter 2

If you click on the collages, they will lead you to my polyvore page with all the details of the items. I'll leave you with some Tumblr shots of the concert to get in the mood. Who's going too next week? If you hear someone screaming like her life depends on it, there's a big chance you've located me ;-).


(Does it show that I'm a big fan of Mrs. Carter?)
Cheers y'all!
Naomi, x

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