Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Who run DYL?

Fashionistas, fashionistos, fashion-lovers or even fashion-addicts, 
We're always up for celebrations of every kind, even the littlest tiny things like today! It's our blogpost numero 100 ;-). It's not much but we, optimistic unbiological sisters, like to jump up and down by the sound of that!

As you have maybe noticed, some things have changed around our blogosphere, Dress your Life. It will be Brunette and Ebony or in other terms Naomi and Sabrina blogging every other day with once and a while some very awesome guest bloggersInspirations and ideas from other angles are always a good idea, right?!

After managing our horror-period aka exams, dissertation and our last months of uni, we'll be working on our layout properly. We've been dying to do that for such a long time. 

That's it for now, tomorrow another post on the blog! 

Have a lovely lovely Wednesday
Naomi & Sabrina, x.

PS: We would like to thank our Blonde & Ginger for the work they've put into this blog! Muchas gracias guapas ;-)

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