Monday, May 13, 2013

Take me to Surfing paradise with Tommy Hilfiger

Lately I've been talking to my other half about which places we should visit in the future, surfing-wise that is and then the Surf Shack collection pops up by Tommy Hilfiger. I picked some of my favorites down here! But what makes it even supah better: there's a contest where you can win a trip to a surfing paradise somewhere in the world. Awesome?! Uhhh, YEAAH! 

I've already tweeted my picture with #GoneSurfing which made me dream again about our summer 2012 in San Diego, California. Ahhhhhh... It was amazing. They told us 'this surfing paradise is never short of waves or breaks' and it was true. We went to La Jolla Beach, it's quite popular amongst the Calis. Snorkling at that place was amazing as well. So if you go to San Diego, have a visit and you'll totally agree!

It's cliché but true: sun, sea & beach = perfect leisure as part of your holiday, right? But for us it's even better with some additional surfing. Exhausting but gives a kick ;-). The little fashionista-lover in me can't go without a perfect pre- and post-outfit. So here are my favorite picks from the Surf Shack collection by Tommy Hilfiger

If you look at this, it's all relax. A bikini is a must during a day at the beach (duh) because with hot temperatures you need lots of hydratation, so let's go swimming in the waaaaaaaaterrrr, let's go swimming in the sea. 

Simple sandals and a summer jumpsuit is good if you want to take a walk or go get food/refreshments because I personally don't like to walk the whole time in just a bikini.. The last thing I've noticed in the collection for my daily wear are: sunnies! These are from the men's collection. Again lots of color and brightness, that's just perfect for upcoming summer. FYI, I occasionally go to the men's department for scarfs and sunnies because yes they also have nice stuff and certainly these sunnies are unisex if you ask me, so why hesitate?! 

It is amazing if you can dine on a terrace of a romantic restaurant close to the beach. The air is great, the sounds of the waves and people enjoying their meal. I would prefer this outfit. It's light, it's again (yes!) full of color and it's easy to wear. Because let's be honest, the temperatures will decrease but the climate will still be somewhat humid. So wrapping yourself in thight clothes is a no-no for me. I'm into espadrilles lately so these are CERTAINLY on my to-buy-list ;-). 

Knowing there are a gazillion participants that took or going to take part in the contest, I'm secretly hoping I'm going to be one of the lucky ones ;-). A girl can dream, right?!

Sabrina, x.

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