Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pink hues.

Wearing: Didi necklace / H&M blazer / Motel Rocks dress (via Lily) / Simple comme Bonjour heart ring / Asos flats / Urban Outfitters shoulder bag

I attended my uncle's wedding looking like this. Perfect in-between outfit for such an occasion. I actually just wanted to wear my new lilac flats badly, the rest of my outfit came along with it. My mum didn't really have time left to do my hair - time management is not my strong suit - but she still managed to pull this cool hairdo out of her hat. I really like the position of the pinkish strands of hair, gives an old feel to it. Together with my eyeliner and necklace, I was ready to rock some ass elderly style. I seriously wouldn't mind dyeing the light strands in my hair grey. This crazy hair story isn't over yet! ;)


I'm almost off to Edinburgh again. I'll be staying there all by myself (don't wanna be..) for six weeks to get some lab work done. I still have some outfit pictures up my sleeve, but hard times are coming!

Sabrina & I will do our very best to post regularly, however especially since it's our last year at uni, we have to fully subject to school work. 

Naomi, x.

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