Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blue perfection.

Wearing: H&M shirt / Zara pants / Les Autres pumps (via Torfs)

I'm absolutely smitten with these heels! They fit like a glove. Normally when I put on clothing it works the other way around. It's my apparently not so waterproof strategy. I put these pumps on thinking they were going to feel unpleasant, usually that's the case. This time I was wrong and my wallet paid the price. I can actually walk in them without worrying about my heel leaving the shoe, heaven! I always feel pity for women walking around like crippled donkeys. Well fitting heels are key! Plus, they're shiny.

This outfit fits well with the weather, colourwise that is, I was freezing my ass off. Enough darkness to complement the grey skies and a little bit of brightness to not let you forget summer is coming. I promise you, it is!

Naomi, x.

1 comment:

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