Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rustique colors.

Hello, my name is Sabrina and I'm a dress addict.

If I can choose between a dress or pants, skirts or shorts, my love goes out for dresses, every single time. Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall: die hard all the way! I must say, I've recently start buying some pants, a little change in the wardrobe is never bad, right ;-)?

Maybe because of my body shaped line - that gives me a gazillion complexes - you know: small waist and big thighs. Anyway, they fit me most of the time, so I'm a happy girl.

These pictures were taken on Sunday and I was still in the last phase of my flu attack (ugh...) but I tried.

Is it because of my black hair that I unconsciously love black more than other colors? I don't know... But I do love to color it up with my accessories.

This time I went for rustique colors such as camel, brown and mustard. Most of my belts, are for the waist but I think you've could of guessed that already with the addiction I just confessed about ;-).

I'm not a fan of the howdy cowboy style but my eyes fell on these boots immediately. It's still a lot more subtle than all the other humpty dumpty cowboy boots I've seen until now.

Not a real pro of beanies (with a pompon on it). Main reason? I find it hideous when I'm wearing it. But I do have some friends that look absolutely lovely with them. It's a shame that not everything looks good on you, right? My alternative: warm fluffy headbands ;-)! 

Wearing: Dress - Asos / Belt - Mulberry / Shoes and Watch - Stradivarius / Headband - H&M / Earrings - Forever21 / Crossbody bag - Topshop / Scarf - NafNaf
To all the study buddies out there: GOOD LUCK!
Sabrina, x.

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