Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Purple tones in a snowy dream.

Wearing: Coat - Oxbow / Scarf & Hat - DIY by the mommy / Pants - Vila / Cardigan & Blouse - Stradivarius / Boots - UGG

The weather is going bonkers lately but the landscapes are prettier, no?! Since the snow has hit our little country, I can't stop thinking: "ohhh, I wish I was at a ski resort in the Alpes right now...".

This year there is no skiing for me sadly enough. As I'm graduating this year, I would like to make a longer summer trip than usual. So I had to make a choice and that brings me to my New Year's resolution: less buying clothes and more saving up for a memorable trip. Hopefully I'll survive this semi-torture ;-). 

Sooooo, if I can't go skiing, I'll just wear an outfit that makes me think I'm in the mountains! Ulta casual outfit and the coat, well.. that's just sporty all the way.

Like the Blogger from another mother (aka Naomi) mentioned in her previous post, lately we've been looking up things that have Lilac tones. Our minds work as 1 sometimes. Anywhooo, as Lilac is coming up as a more popular color, this ski-coat is already 2 years old. I'm way ahead of fashion trends, whuuut?!

I've added purple pants with a print which are amazingly comfortable and a self-made scarf and hat by la mama. It was freaking cold to show you the whole outfit. But I've kept it all very simple: a purple cardigan and black blouse.

I know it's dangerous with a headphone that pumps up crazy music while skiing/snowboarding, but I only do it when there aren't a lot of people around me and no volume 100 for me ;-). Enjoy!

Have a pretend-as-we're-going-skiing-'cause-we-love-it-day!
Sabrina, x.

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