Monday, January 07, 2013

May your hearts be happy and your bellies full!

After a long and blissful period of festivities and celebrations, or more concrete, of numerous glasses of cava and substantial amounts of food (three days of gourmet in a row, not decadent at all, right?), the time has finally come to make our stomachs come to rest and let our good old eating&drinking-habits do the rest.

Today I’d like to give you a glimpse of my daily eating routine. Sounds boring? Just wait and see, cause when it comes to an equable and variable food diet, here’s the key!

Breakfast baby!

All-Bran cereals, lemon tea and a kiwi! Is there any better way to start your day?
I know, the cereals look like they’ve already been eaten before, but they taste quite good and they contain a magical ingredient, which your stomach definitely has a craving for… let’s give it up for them FIBREEEEEEES! Combined with one of my favorite superfruits, the kiwi, rich in vitamins c, they regulate your digestion and make up for all the evil tummy-attacking foods you eat later during the day! Bifidus Actiregularis! Although it sounds a bit like an extinct animal, or let’s say, the name of a bank (way to go Belfius), I just love the pronunciation of it!
A good alternative for this healthy and fibery breakfast is a delicious Alpro Soya yoghurt (you should also definitely try the Alpro Soya vanilla milk and caramel dessert!) in combination with another fresh fruit, like a pear. A banana might work too, providing you with heaps of energy, BUT make sure you eat them all, leaving none behind! ;)

Lover's lunch


When my boyfriend is studying for his exams, and all of those books are consuming his energy, I like to make sure he still gets all the vitamins he need! So, all the craziness on a stick (ignoring the fact that that’s not an English expression), in times like these, you can often find me in the kitchen!!!

Last Thursday I made some fresh tomato soup with little meatballs (meat-lovers as we are!) for lunch. What’s nice about cooking a large amount at once is that you can freeze it for later or just enjoy your lovely soup for a couple of days!


- a clove of garlic

- 1 onion

- 1 carrot
- 1 piece of celery
- some laurel and thyme
- 5 tomatoes
- 1 l of chicken bouillon
- 1 spoon of tomato concentrate
- 250 g of minced meat
- 1 egg
- 1 spoon of breadcrumbs (paneermeel)
- salt and pepper

Here’s for all of our dear male blogfollowers (and the little anti-feminist inside of me too ;))

Let's go out!

I like an eike in the morning, you like a tikkeneike too!

As much as I like to brag with my true kitchen princess skills, sometimes I just love to be taken out too. Every princess needs a little cosseting, right?
This week, my boyfriend and I went to Quartiers, a little cosy breakfeast&brunch cafĂ© in the center of Leuven. The concept is really nice, you can create your own breaky at any time of the day, combining toasts with cheese/ham/salmon or bacon, together with a sunny side up-egg, or even a soft boiled egg with ‘soldaatjes’, instant nostalgia

Diner for two!


Are you becoming weary of putting together a diverse and delightful meal every evening again? Have you lost your inspiration?
Well, there’s only one solution: Jeroen Meus to the rescue!!!
With a little help from our culinary friend, my boyfriend and I made a really tasty scampi diabolique.

Let's go out!

I admit, I got a little spoiled this week. Last Saturday my matey and I had planned a date (quality time!). We went cocooning at Kokoon, the name of the lovely restaurant we went to, situated in Leuven, close to the well-known Muntstreet full of restaurants. We had some ‘tomate crevette’ as a starter, followed by, quite clichĂ©,  a nicely baked tender steak with pepper sauce for my boyfriend and a lovely Asian flavored wok with scampi for me. Mmmmmm!

I hope you lovely bloggers liked my healthy food tips! (But let’s be honest here, with McDonalds lurking around every corner, a girl can sin now and then too ;))

Other dangerously tempting sin:
my 4 o’clock Cappuccino + NicNacjes

And last but not least, my greatest and favorite sin of all:

I wish you all a yummie day.
May your hearts be happy and your bellies full!

xo, Dorien.

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