Friday, January 25, 2013

Bluette for your dress

Belts have been inevitable in the fashion world. Decorative or more functional, these handy ones are, in my opinion, the basics you must have in your wardrobe. 

Maybe you've had similar situations as mine... You've got many different dresses that fit nicely with your shoes and bag but there is still something missing? A divine belt... And let's face it, the Italian ones are always a good purchase, no?

Ladies that are in search of a waist belt to pimp up your dress, make sure to take a look at the Bluette side (click on the link for the whole collection). This label brings the belt to a whole new level. Why? Very simple: they serve us several different styles, colors and always with a subtle finishing touch

We all have different styles and our own favorite color in the SS13 collection and Bluette kept that in mind. Colors such as coral, lake blue, mint green and Barbie-pink will add a pinch of beautiness to your outfit.

Some Chanel, Clio or Chloe? No no, we're not talking about the haute couture labels but the names of the belts ;-). You've got a nice range of belts with its own name. That's what I call an extra fashion touch to your wardrobe!

The Pony belts look really nice. Tell us, what's your favorite one?

Sabrina, x.

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