Friday, January 11, 2013

These boots are made for reveling.

Wearing: Dress - Motel Rocks (Lily) / Necklace - Joly Jewels / Tights - H&M / Overknee boots - Ganni (Lily)

Silly Billies - Naomi (me), Elke & Dorien

These pictures were made a couple of weeks ago at the Lily Party Collection Fashion Show. Since you're not gonna see any current party outfits from me these dark days, here you go! Secretly my outfit just wanted its own post, sshht.

The dress and boots are exquisite purchases from Lily, no better event to wear them. I was eyeing these boots for a while, they were 'a bit' out of my price range, but fortunately shops have sales!! Sales are awesome, giving poor little students the opportunity to indulge in their expensive taste. My necklace is about a squirrel holding an acorn, biologists love that sh*t. Finally, nothing better than polka dots to spice up an outfit. 

So this was the story all about how my outfit came into existence. Yes, the second part of the sentence really does not match the song but I can't come up with something better. Damn you, creative part of the brain!

Watch this, it's funny.

Smell ya later
Naomi, x.

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