Sunday, January 13, 2013

Belgian pride: LN Beanies

It's getting colder again! And I thought: why not find a subject that fits perfectly for this freezing weather? Like I've mentioned in my previous post, I do love the wide range of different hats and its diverse colors and styles. But there's 1 specific label that pops out of the crowd...

Let us introduce you to: LN Beanies wonderland. The source of this label is a Belgian designer, ooooh yes ;-)! She goes by the name Ellen Kegels and her creativity never sleeps...

This knitting queen delivers a nice range of styles, colors and so much more! The beanies are hot and happening in celeb-town but also the less famous fashionistas are totally in love with them. 

Foto: Redcarpet-Fashion

The collection consists of 100% baby alpaca with Peruvian roots, mucho gusto indeed! Friends of mine are already the proud owner of this little diamond and they admit its softness, warmness and divine quality. 

Besides the hats, they also design ponchos, mega scarfs and mittens! 

You're not entirely convinced? Would you rather like a 100% personalized Beanie? That's possible! There's something at LN Beanies they call LN Lab. You choose your own design and from then on you start matching until you get your perfect Beanie. This is maybe the perfect option for my picky self ;-)! 

This creative lady is - as we speak - on her way to Peru right now! If you're curious about it and you want to be updated on the trip, her latest work and pictures, just click here!

Sabrina, x.

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