Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspirational outfits for the holidays

Looking for the right party look for upcoming parties such as New Year's eve or other upcoming wild parties. Or still doubting about the right style you want to go for? Well, that counts for me as well. While I was browsing lot's of online webshops for lovely dresses the inspiration-level went up with a 1000. Not all of the styles are appropriate for my body but I'm a dreamer.. Here are some looks that came to mind.


You're craving for a lady-like look with a manly touch? Here you go. Black and burgundy with a touch of silver. Even for me, silver sounds like a good idea with this outfit ;-). The bow-tie just makes it complete, an extra addition that makes it very sophisticated. 


Are you fond of sequin and skirts? I just love sequin skirts that are tight to the body. Unfortunately, that's something my body doesn't agree on... An all black outfit with sparkles and silver/grey touches gives a classy edge. With a see through blouse tucked in your skirt and a lace bra brings you on highway sexy! 

An outfit without a bright colored piece is a no-go for me so that's why a pink neon watch was - in my opinion - the finishing touch.

Hints of animal

For all our animal print-lovers, don't hesitate to give your party outfit subtle (or the opposite) animal touches. You've got snake, leopard, zebra and we can go on but for this look I've chosen leopard. A cute skater dress where accessories are the center of attention! The use of smooth brown shades makes your look very warm. The feather ring is just one of my must-haves.

Hints of animal


Or are you going for a girly look with quite some edginess? Do I hear a semi-rock fashion chick calling? Combine a sturdy leather jacket with a fancy dress and a bag that screams ''I'm a true fashionista". Round off your outfit with some skull additions and you're ready to intimidate others ;-).

"Edgy" by sabrina-dewitte on Polyvore 


Last but not least: a floral dress with hints of blue. Ladies who like pumps but tremble by the thought of sore feet, just go for semi-high heels. Chic poncho's on top of a classy dress are one of my favorites. They're comfi, warm and easy.

"Chic" by sabrina-dewitte on Polyvore 

I say: let your inspiration go wild and dare to experiment with fabrics, colors and styles ;-)!


Sabrina, x.

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