Friday, December 07, 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

They say a girl can never wear the same outfit twice?

Of course we can! When I was putting together some outfits for this post, I realized I had some old pictures where I was wearing the same clothes (looking quite differently though with my bangs :)).

If you don’t know what to wear and you can’t resist putting on your favorite dress again, the one that all your friends have already seen, no panic! It’s all about re-inventing your outfit by combining it with different accessories and shoes.

Creating a new you by recreating your outfit!


My ultimate party-dress, I just love how it has these little cut-outs just above the hip! Where did I buy it? It’s from one of my favorite shops, Urban Outfitters!

It’s snowing outside!!!!!! And that means, my favorite time of the year is getting closer and closer! It’s almost Christmas!

The pearly white landscapes are just so magical and I absolutely love the feeling of coming home from a snowy day and sitting around the fireplace with family and friends.
The little white cardigan (Forever21) I’m wearing on the pictures above, feels so soft and cozy that I could wear it every day. The subtle pink paillettes give it a festive touch, making it an ideal piece to wear over your dress on Christmas evening, don’t you think?

Besides tightly fit and very girly dresses, I also love to wear oversized and loose pieces of clothing. My bohemian side that pops up now and then ;-).
On the 2nd picture I’m combining it with a pom-pom cap, my favorite winter accessory!
Winter and autumn give us girls the opportunity to work with layers and to combine lots of accessories, they truly are my preferred fashion seasons!

Have a lovely and fairy white day, snow queens!

Dorien, x.

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