Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oversized coat | Outfit

WE coat - Primark sweater - Levi's jeans - Ash sneakers - Kenzo Parfum shoulder bag

Damn, I haven't written a text yet to go with this outfit. I blame Beyoncé and her bombardment. Her music keeps on surprising me, over and over. I'm stuck on repeat.
Beyoncé part 1 in a nutshell
Sick beats, check.
Memorable lyrics, check.
Catchy melodies, check.
Rockin' videos, check.
So buy her new CD and be awed.

The coat. I have a new one! Lately I've been visiting WE a lot more, and every time new items pop on my wish list instantly. When I saw this oversized beauty with a 'sales' tag I hurried home to order the sh*t out of it. Before you start frowning in confusion, they didn't have my size in stores anymore. Thank god for online supplies! And in case you didn't believe me, I made a collage of my current WE favourites, insert Sadie. See something you like?

I'm pretty sure Sunday was invented for online shopping. 

WE Christmas

(Btw this is not an advertorial. I wish it was though, mama needs some sugar.)

Naomi, x.

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