Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thank you 2013

Now that 2013 is coming to an end we looked back how we experienced it, what were our ups and downs, what can we thick off our to-do list, countries we still have to visit and when we're finally going to Disneyland together. Uhu, we are 2 Disney lovers! Duuuh... 

Blogwise we were looking back on our past outfits and how our taste for specific things can change so fast. But hey, that's fashion, right?! With this post we want to wish you all a very happy New Year. Let 2014 be filled with lots of success, new challenges, great health and tons of unforgettable memories! We hope you liked reading our posts this year and we hope to surprise you even more in 2014. We've got the blogging-bug, uhu uhu, we liiiiike it, uhu uhu. 

Today we're showing a recap of our outfits but on Tuesday there's a lovely giveaway ;-)! Don't forget to tune back in because you can only participate for 24h. Be excited, because we are! 

Have a happy one!
Sabrina & Naomi, x.

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