Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's black, it's white | Outfit

◆ Pictures by Archistas ◆
Deep Devotion necklace - les petites top - Simple comme Bonjour heart ring - Filippa K trousers - Kimchi Blue platform sneakers (via Urban Outfitters) - Even&Odd gold shoulder bag - mint&berry black bag

A lot of links up in here! Know that I only do it to keep you guys informed. For instance the bags that I'm working in the two last pictures are only €29,95 - go get them while they're hot. I actually saw a lot of wish list material just sitting around when I visited the Zalando pop-up store, luckily they created a little web corner where you can browse all this prettiness over and over again (whoomp there it is)
I know, I'm a lean, mean, linking machine! Insert smiley with cool glasses. 

About the outfit. Once in a while we all have to embrace our inner panda and here's the result. How do you like my les petites top? I bought it in sales last January but it took my a while to style it for a suitable occasion. The fabric is really weird (62% polyester 33% rayon 5% spandex) and gives the top a slight neoprene look. Me gusta! My hair is already much lighter now, I'm thinking about dying the ends dark green and then decorating my hair with some little red baubles. Just kidding! I think..

Naomi, x.

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