Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Hague through my lens

I've spent last friday and saturday in The Hague visiting a friend and at the same time getting acquainted with the city. It was my first visit to The Hague and you really have to put it on your to-go list it if you haven't been there yet. The thing that makes this city so lovely are the pittoresque streets and the old buildings. Oh, the once and a while geordie shore look-a-likes you pass by you just have to ignore or being so astonished as I was by the orange tan which resulted in lots of staring...

Besides walking through the center of the city I visited a lot of little antiques shops, design shops and De Bijenkorf. Oh my, I could live in that shop! It's the Dutch version of Harrods in my opinion and their Christmas decorations were absolutely divine! My pictures from the window displays weren't of good quality and inside the shop I totally forgot about my camera because I was too busy wandering around and expanding my imaginary wishlist. WAUW, again.

When there is a city that has a Burgerking I definitely have to make a lunch pitstop. Those whoppers are just so damn yummy! As a snack I tasted their famous oliebollen and after lots of walking I found it was time to consume several wines and have ribs afterwards. Ok, it wasn't a healthy friday but we walked a lot and I didn't gain any weight, happy girl here ;-). 

That's it for now!
Sabrina, x.

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