Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas gifts | The Body Shop

For all those out there that haven't found the time to buy Christmas presents yet, we recommend you to visit The Body Shop. Why? Buying a little or big gift from them equals helping hundreds of children in the world.

A couple of weeks ago we were invited by the Primetime Communication Group. With a few other bloggers we were welcomed to the world of beauty. They gave us a brief story about the School Project. Thanks to their Community Fair Trade-programme they've helped several communities in the world so that children could have a better future. They've built new schools in Ghana, Nepal, Honduras en several places in North- and South-America. Do we have to say more ;-)?! Christmas isn't all about the material stuff and although buying products could be seen as something materialistic, in this case there's a good story behind every product. 

To be honest we were pleasantly surprised by the packages. It made us instantly think about a candywonderland theme sprinkled with Christmas vibes! Below you can find some of our favorites but trust me, the shop is FILLED with different types of presents and a price range that varies from € 5 to € 40. So for the low-budget agreed prices in various families this is a good tip! All we've got to say is stop by The Body Shop and find something amazing for your granny, sister, loving mommy, the super dad, crazy auntie or even your best friends.

And thank you Primetime Communication Group for having us, It was a delight!

Sabrina, x.

1. Gingerbread House €23 / 2. Reindeer Sponge €5 / 3. Small Gingerbread Box €20 / 4. Absinthe Creme / 5. Gingerbread Sponge €5 / 6. Snowman Gift Set €10 / 7. Cranberry Collection €20 / 8. Bodybutter Lollipop €25 / 9. Handcreme Set / 10. Honey Gift Box €23

Prices can vary in the Netherlands and Belgium

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