Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ho, ho, ho...

I'm dreaming of a whiiite Christmas. Besides the fact that I'm actually dreaming of a white Christmas it's a song I've heard several times during my present hunting. Some love it and some don't. In my opinion it's a must during this time of year. Not because it's an awesome song - because it's not - but because it's the season of being joyful, corny and the very typical Christmas songs. It gives me a happy feeling but I've told you that already. Anywhooo, everybody is putting up their Christmas tree and as many of my besties got an appartement/house I've seen different styles of decorations. Really love it because it's in these little things you can see each others taste. It made me think about my future seasonal decorations. CAN'T WAIT. The past 5 years I decorated my dorm very low budget and it was only 1 room. I would jump up and down by the thought of decorating several rooms. My dear love laughs with me whenever we talk about Christmas because I'm being an overenthusiastic baby and he's just all casual about it. The positive side of this story: I can go bonkers during December because he knows how much I love it. 

Oh yes, this year I'm not making a wishlist on our blog because Pinterest is just too awesome. Click away if you want. Or I can keep telling myself 'keep on dreaming girl'.

I'm lacking in outfit posts as you have probably noticed but hopefully I'll get a chance by the end of the week to take some pictures! This is 1 of my New Year's resolutions by the way... In the meantime I thought of making a new moodboard. You can probably guess it, me rambling about Christmas... My last one was a glitter galore and in some way I would love to add some glitter to my future decorations. This in combination with a variety of clean white details, pure red items and wooden elements. Perfection.

What kind of Christmas decorations would you like to have (or already have)?!

See ya!
Sabrina, x.

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