Monday, December 30, 2013

Music Musings

Can you sense what I'm aiming at with this song? In exactly one week Sabrina is officially a working gal and I'll be handing in my thesis. AAW YEAH! Oh and 2013 is almost over or something, right? I couldn't let this year end without some good old Beyoncé, now could I. The best day of this year revolved around her.

It was May 15th. All around Belgium people where asking themselves one question: 'Is she going to perform tonight?' Devastated as I was from the cancellation one night before, I was fervently hoping she would throw in the towel today as well since poor old me didn't have a ticket. Of course karma kicked me in the butt and soon news started spreading that Queen B was going to perform her second concert as planned. F*ck. At that stage I started panicking, nothing was known about our cancelled concert and I was leaving for Scotland until the end of June. When a friend told me about last minute crappy tickets, I immediately rushed to Teleticketservice's site. After some doubting and nerve-racking attempts at buying a ticket, I succeeded! I was going to see Miss Knowles after all. When I got to the concert hall and went to my seat aaaaaall the way in the upper tribune and almost behind the stage, something in me awoke. I wanted, nay needed, a better seat and so my mission started. First I ran into some unhelpful women that snapped at me that no places were being filled up, yeah like that's convincing. Then, when I was already about to give up, I overheard an important-looking man talking about empty seats to his phone. Hold on a minute! I stopped the man and started rambling about how I missed the concert the day before and that I was leaving the country, that I bought tickets through Beyoncé's fan club (emphasizing my adoration) , that I was there all alone, ... I was on fire! The man said that he was going to see what he could do and that I should return to my seat. So I did. After what seemed like forever the lights went out and the music started (put on for full dramatic experience). This was it, the show had begun. Then, all of a sudden I saw a silhouette emerging from the dark, waving at me with a white wristband in hand. 'Come, we have to be quick' the important man shouted, 'I have a seat for you in the Bey Stage'. My heart stopped and I blubbered something like 'What, are you serious? Thank you so much!' while I ran as fast as my trembling legs could go. Entering the Bey Stage was on of the most glorious moments of my life. I was only meters away from a stage on which Beyoncé was going to walk and sing later that evening (!). Yes,  still a couple of meters away. I wasn't going to stop now, I wanted to get right next to that damn stage. *Enter K3's Josje* When the organization recognized Josje, they offered her seats next to the stage and high on adrenaline as I was, I just took my coat and followed her. I could pass off as Josje's entourage any day. The rest of the evening was but a dream.. 

Let's just say that my voice should never be blasted out of any sound system ever again, that I know how Beyoncé's iconic blue suit feels like, and that I snapped my most favourite Instagram picture ever. HIHIHI! 

Naomi, x

PS: Josje, if you're reading this, sorry again for screaming your ears off.
PPS: I totally came back from Scotland for the weekend to attend Beyoncé's rescheduled concert.

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