Thursday, February 07, 2013

ThrowBackThursday #1

Take a peek in my history ;-). Why not get a little corny I thought: the past 7 or 8 years I've seen many people come and go but there's a good handful of peeps that amazed me in every other way and have gone through thick and thin with them. Gazillion of memorable moments captured by a lens and only we know the funny quotes and jokes. You'll notice a lot of pictures with Naomi & Dorien and that's because we go waaaay back: classmates and dancing buddies. The other lovely ones are Eva, Debra, Elke, Margaux, Leon and Tim :-). The last 4 I got to know in our uni-period and I'm glad we did ;-). With no further ado I present you lots of craziness.  

This one here above, our Eva is my oldest friend ever. 18 Years of craziness with this other half.

Sabrina, x.

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