Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I shall leave my hat on.

Wearing: Bowler hat - H&M / Scarf - DIY / Coat - Essentiel / Pants - VILA / Creepers - Urban Outfitters / Blouse - River Island / Bag - Mango

Yes, I'm wearing more than a hat, haha! Just heard the foxy song on the radio and thought immediately about using something alike for this post. These pictures were taken on my London day trip. Oh my, so many lovely authentic streets over there

The thing I love about this city: no one cares what other people might say or think about your outfit. That was by the way a 2013 resolution: don't think what others think about your outfit, just wear what you like. Be creative ladies and keep the inspiration alive ;-)!

Outfit wise, I wanted something comfortable and warm. SO HAPPY that it DIDN'T rain because we all know how much the weather sucks in our little country, but even worse in Great-Britain. These creepers were an amazing discount purchase in November. Urban Outfitters has great sales in January and July but during the year they have awesome discounts as well, sure to keep an eye on the website ;-)!

Something else I was wondering: are there any specific subjects you would like to see on our blog? Tell us for sure!
Sabrina, x.

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