Friday, February 15, 2013

Instagram Feed #3

I'm back, after almost a week radio silence (i.e. no internet). Ah la douce France! Planning on visiting Bourgogne yourself? Château de la Grange is the place to stay, for realsies. The charming lady behind this picturesque homestead is no less than Sabrina's mom. Pampering guaranteed ;-)! More information, pictures and recommendations here

Back to my small selection of ample January pictures. What else was there to do, besides studying? Instagram is so relaxing.

Laundry day with our domestic wildcat My favourite Belgian comedian, I already have a second picture with him by now, yes I started a collection A Kling dress that I'm selling in our Shop corner OOTD with a hipster Cheetah  

Brain food: grilled vegetables, bulgur and salmon Glittery red heels, what's not to like? Patékes? Patékes! We are such a grey couple

I really love this picture with my mommy and furry cat Going retro in style BEYONCE BEYONCE BEYONCE My boyfriend's cat got a necessary shave, look at them fur boots

Can you see a pattern here? Instacats ftw!

Good day
Naomi, x.   

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