Saturday, February 23, 2013

Skin care review

What to wear? A problem I bet many of you have faced before! A closet full of clothes but nothing in it that soothes the mood. Well I seem to have that problem as well when talking about skincare. A whole store full of products but which one will soothe the mood for my extremely difficult skin. Too greasy at times yet dry at others. Too many products advertising the same thing yet providing nothing but more trouble and empty wallets! After searching and trying and many (ooh yes many) greasy forehead situations I found several products that work for me. I’ll lead you through it! 

Yet another problem to face, sensitive eyes! Most products clean make-up well but give me red and slightly swollen eyes. This Nivea cleaning cream does the job! The tonic cleanser is something I have been using for as long as I can remember. When writing this review I thought of the perfect words to best describe the products, but well sometimes you lack inspiration, so let’s just say this tonic makes you feel ‘clean’. Try it and you’ll know what I am brambling about ;). 

This mattifying seaweed day cream I bought at The Body Shop. It feels kind of strange when applying on your skin because of the slithery texture (I’m guessing the seaweed additive  ;) ), but feels great and keeps your skin hydrated and matted all day long! 


I don’t like too many layers of product on my skin. But occasionally you just gotta put on that extra layer in order to look normal! You know exams, deadlines, late night drunken parties, well the usual! ;)  I use this BB-cream from Garnier and to mattify some powder. As you can see, I use the powder quit a lot! Guess I just need to look normal A LOT

As an evening routine I clean my face with tonic and water, afterwards I apply this Ducray cream. In summer, during times of stress or that time of the month my skin acts like crazy! This Ducray cream keeps it under control and I must say does quite the job! This product is only available at the pharmacist and quite expensive too unfortunately.


Talking about evening routine I always apply hydration cream on my legs. I know, I know this cream is an after-sun and maybe my subconscious wants me to believe I spent the entire day in the hot warm summer sun and need after-sun, but I just love the Aloe vera smell and the cool feeling it provides so winter OR summer I’m sticking with this!  
There you go! These products work for me. And NO, this is not an advertisement for Nivea ;)

Hope this review will help you during the search for a tamer of your crazy skin! 

Have a lovely weekend!
Elke, x


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