Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wandering the streets of Lisbon.

You might know that I went on a little city trip about two weeks ago. As of this year, I like to celebrate my birthday in style. Maxime and I snapped some pictures - duh - so why not show some bits and pieces of Lisbon in between my outfits. The first outfit is my favourite one of the bunch, maybe I should save the best for last next time.. Building up expectations and stuff. Ah well, I'm no stranger to doing things differently. 

Outfit - When people wear denim on denim, they often stick to similar shades but why not combine black and blue pieces? Fashion faux pas no more. Together with my matching sneakers and lipstick, this outfit made me prance around Lisbon like a little pony.

While you're reading this, I'm on my way to Costa Rica. EXCITING! I'll be spending my days in a private piece of rainforest with all the pretty fauna and flora, biologist style. This means that I'll be signing off until after the Easter holidays. In the meantime you can follow our social media for fun updates, catch up on some older posts and wait impatiently for new posts from Sabrina. Talk to you soon, amigos!

River Island sweater ◆ Mango denim shirt ◆ Urban Outfitters shoulder bag ◆ Zara skinny jeans ◆ Converse sneakers

Pray for my safe return, will you?
Naomi, x

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