Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Burgundy and blue.

My love for the combo burgundy x blue is bigger than ever and this outfit says enough. As I told you in my previous outfit post 'you'll see me wearing these burgundy sneakers and bag a lot more... Well here you go.

Weird enough, when I don't want to lose something or I'm afraid that someone is going to spill something on my precious items, I get the urge of hiding it so well that it gets lost in my closet. Just like these awesome blue glitter socks from COS and my coat from Essentiel. You might think 'how the hell can you lose a big coat like that?'. In my world everything is possible...

Club Monaco blouse ◆ Essentiel coat  Vila  pants ◆ Michael Kors bag  ◆ Converse sneakers ◆ Pimkie scarf COS socks Topshop lipstick

Sabrina, x.

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